Bosch 4100-10 Review: A Great Jobsite Table Saw

The Bosch 4100-10 is a powerful, easy-to-adjust table saw that is equally worthy of your attention whether you’re a complete novice or seasoned pro. Bosch has crammed a ton of safety, quality-of-life and other features into a great package here.

This Bosch 4100-10 review will explore the strengths, drawbacks and applications of an excellent tool.

Bosch 4100-10 Table Saw: Review and Overview

This table saw is an update to the older Bosch table saw in the same product line. There are a number of improved features here that set this tool apart from its older brother. The 24-tooth blade is the main difference to note; the older model used a 40-tooth blade. A fantastic application of this table saw is in cutting tough lumber pieces.

The rip capacity is suitable for a reasonable variety of woodworking tasks.

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw - 10 Inch Jobsite Table Saw with 25 Inch Cutting Capacity and Portable Folding Table Stand


This won’t give you the full picture. Read the rest of our table saw review to get the details.

Model: Bosch 4100-10 table saw

Motor: 15-amp/ 120 V

Blade size: 10-inch

Included blade type: Carbide tipped blade

Max cutting depth at 90°: 3⅛ inches

Max cutting depth at 45°: 2½ inches

Weight: 60 lbs (92 lbs with all attachments)

Arbor: ⅝ of an inch

RPM: 3650

Rip Capacity: 25 inches


The feature set of the Bosch 4100-10 makes it a fantastic table saw for workers who move around a lot. The body is reasonably lightweight at 60 lbs and won’t weigh you down much when travelling. This isn’t the lightest portable table saw on the market, but that can actually be a good thing.

The increased weight of this 15-amp workhorse means you can enjoy the power of a professional tool that has the portability of a featherweight option. In certain contexts, it’s the best of both worlds. The gravity-rise wheeled stand on the Bosch 4100-10 is another point in the portability category.

Setting up and clearing away your kit is much quicker with Bosch’s line of gravity-rise wheeled table saws. A great deal of care has gone into making adjustments and setup pain-free. You probably won’t need to buy an extra table saw stand for this model.


Bosch has a strong reputation for precision-engineered components that work flawlessly. This reputation is clear as day when it comes to the 15-amp motor on the Bosch 4100-10. The RPM of 3650 makes this table saw an excellent option for a huge variety of woodworking tasks. It’s a great starter table saw as well as a fantastic option for professionals.

There’s a reason this table saw review focuses on one model in particular; this is a powerful table saw that’s well worth considering.

Safety Features

Safety is another area where the Bosch 4100-10 really shines. There are a number of features here that make this a seriously dependable table saw.

Dust Collection Port

Dust and other debris are of huge concern when it comes to working safely. Too much dust decreases visibility. Decreased visibility and a spinning blade isn’t a particularly good mix. Fine particulates like dust can also be very bad for you when inhaled regularly. In short, dust collection matters.

The included dust port on the Bosch 4100-10 table saw is compatible with most shop vacs for quick, convenient dust removal.

Soft-Start Technology & Constant Response

Soft-start tech makes the first few moments of spinning the blade extra safe. When first engaging a table saw, the blade can be prone to catching and stuttering for a few moments. This technology keeps things smooth and reliable from the moment you switch on your tool.

Tripping a circuit breaker by overloading your tool can be a grave mistake. Bosch uses a “Constant Response” system that significantly reduces the chance of accidents like this.

Smart Guard System

Bosch uses a “Smart Guard System” on many of its table saws. It maintains an industry-leading level of safety.

The main cause of injury in a woodworker’s job site is kickback. The anti-kickback pawls on this table saw do a phenomenal job of keeping things safe and steady. The teeth are particularly small and grippy to stop your wood from launching back at you.

The riving knife system is remarkably effective on this table saw. Jamming and jolting are far less frequent across a wide variety of different wood types. You’ll have excellent visibility of the blade thanks to the transparent blade guard. The last thing you want to do is make contact with a spinning 24-tooth blade, so this is a big plus.


Bosch is well known for making tools that last. This table saw is no exception. Each component of the 4100-10 is built with durability in mind. The wheeled stand is made from heavy-gauge steel tubing that will provide a stable surface for your tool for years to come.

The large cast aluminum top on the Bosch 4100-10 is tough and heavy-wearing. This choice of aluminum strikes a healthy balance between portability and durability.


The following make this a fantastic jobsite table saw:

  • Great suite of safety features including anti-kickback pawls
  • Very easy to adjust the stand
  • Decent portability
  • Durable carbide tipped blade
  • Soft-start technology


  • The rip capacity could be larger
  • The rip fence is a little fiddly

Alternative From Dewalt

The main alternative to consider is the Dewalt DWE7491RS. This is another table saw that is classed as a jobsite table saw. This means it’s built with portability and durability in mind. The Bosch 4100-10 and the Dewalt DWE7491RS compete in the same niche and are both great table saws.

There are a few key advantages that the Dewalt table saw has over its Bosch rival:

  • More power – The DWE7491RS has an RPM of 4800 which is significantly higher than the 4100-10
  • Bigger rip capacity – Dewalt offers 31 inches vs 25 with Bosch
  • Slightly sturdier – This isn’t always an advantage though, as it increases the weight

Both table saws are fantastic in their own right and the Dewalt is phenomenal in certain contexts. For our money though, the suite of safety features on the 4100-10 makes it the winner by a razor-thin margin.

It’s worth being aware of both options so you can make a choice that’s right for you.


How to Find a Good Jobsite Table Saw

Shopping for power tools can be overwhelming, even if you’re a contractor with years of experience! There are a few things to consider when hunting for the right tool.

Ripping Capacity

This will determine the size of the material you are able to cut. Saws come in all shapes and sizes and can accommodate a wide variety of different pieces. Think about the type of work you’re going to be doing and how large your material is likely to be. Don’t waste time looking at table saws that won’t be big enough for you.

Safety Features

It goes without saying that staying safe when working should be at the top of your list of priorities. The annual number of avoidable accidents that involve a power tool is staggering. Choose saws that respect your safety and will protect you when working.

Remember that dust collection is considered a safety feature too. Other things to look out for are a good riving knife, secure rip fence and a barrier guard.


The type of material you’re working with will determine the type of blade you use. The following things are worth researching:

  • Tooth count – This will affect how quickly you are able to make cuts and how smooth the finish is on your material.
  • Blade size – this will influence the thickness and toughness you are able to tackle
  • Material – this determines the durability and power of your blade. Carbide is considered a gold standard in durability and performance.
  • Kerf – your blade’s kerf will affect the intricacy and finish of your cuts


There’s no point in worrying about buying a saw that’s portable if you’re only ever going to use it in one place! Use your work requirements to help you choose the right tool for the job. If you’re often moving from place to place for your woodworking, you’ll want to find a worksite table saw , such as the 4100-10, that’s lightweight and portable.


This is a Bosch table saw that maintains its brand’s reputation for excellence. The best application of this 10-inch table saw is in contracting work. The super convenient rolling stand, lightweight design and fantastic safety features make this a fantastic choice for someone who’s always on the move. This is the way to use the 4100-10 in our opinion.

The alternative we outlined earlier from Dewalt is also worth considering. Its bigger rip capacity and power make it a worthy opponent in the right contexts. Either way, we hope this table saw review has demystified some of the confusion involved with finding a new tool. Whichever tool you choose, we hope it serves you well.