Dewalt DW715 Review: A superb miter saw for your shop

You must have heard of DEWALT, whether you are familiar with the market or not. It is a respected and trustworthy brand linking both DIYS and the professionals because of the high-quality and high-end pieces of equipment that are being manufactured by DEWALT.

This model stands on the top and offers everything you need for precise and accurate angle cuts. DEWALT DW715 is the best miter saw available in the market that is dominant enough to replace other woodworking tools.

This machine is meaner, leaner, and a heck of a lot more compact than in the past years. They are a worthy option to consider because of their added features and characteristics.

Workers who want something bigger and more portable will find DEWALT not less than a treat. Here in this detailed DEWALT DW715 review, we have mentioned a detailed review of everything you need to know about DEWALT and its features.

DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw (Discontinued)

Dewalt DW715 Review

DEWALT DW715 is a technologically up-to-date cutting tool with a simple operation. It is perfect for both beginners and professionals.

This single bevel compound miter saw is highly compact with incredibly high-level performance. At 40lbs, it is much lighter and portable than its competitors, but still, it guarantees accurate and fast cuts for all-round jobs. In this miter saws box, you are going to find:

  • A DEWALT DW715 Compound miter saw
  • Single carbide blade
  • A dust bag
  • Blade wrench

This device is packed neatly, and you need to be careful when opening it. However, another fantastic feature is that this heavy-duty miter saw won’t demand your pocket to be deep down when it comes to performance and quality.

Feature Overview

Moreover, at such a budget-friendly cost, it is enriched with some versatile and innovative features that make this miter saw a top-notched choice of woodworkers. Let us discuss a few features.


This model comes with one of the best designs. With the best design, we are not trying to say that it’s particularly attractive.

Instead, this means every part of this miter saw has a purpose, and it’s well-made. With a pretty rugged and sturdy design, it is highly durable and long-lasting.

Moreover, it is preferable to check the user manual to know how the machine works. The miter plates feature stainless steel construction that makes the saw robust and sturdy.


When looking at the safety aspect, that doesn’t stand out much, but it doesn’t mean that the machine is not safe. The blade guard constitutes a rigid plastic construction and is incredibly transparent, enabling you to follow the blade when it’s cutting through the wood.

That is a significantly valuable advantage to the worker. The miter saw is extremely sharp and thin, but if you want to use a thicker blade, that’s not a problem as changing blades is highly easy and quick.

Dust Collecting System

DEWALT DW715 includes a dust bag that makes it more user-friendly. It can store maximum dirt but up to a certain limit. After that limit, the device can be annoying. Although it has an overwhelming capacity, you have to empty the bag frequently; otherwise, it will create a mess at the workplace, and you won’t be able to continue the work.

Powerful Motor

This compound miter saw is a corded saw giving it consistent and constant power. It won’t allow you to waste money on batteries and to charge stations. With a 15-amp powerful motor, you can easily perform all your daily routine projects at the workshop without worrying about the torque being running low.

What can you do with DW715?

The DEWALT DW715 enables you to cut hard materials, whether at the construction area or the workplace. You can do a variety of things using this miter saw. Some of them are enlisted as

  • Accurate and quick miter cuts
  • You can handle any project with ease.
  • Enable you to do impressive cross cuttings
  • Allows the worker to cut massive dimensional lumber in one pass

You can do variable cuts by using this saw. It can cut the material from diverse angles so you can easily apply it for different purposes. Crosscut is the unique specialty of this bevel compound miter saw. It is intended for great crosscuts through the material.

Miter and Bevel Adjustments

When you are using a miter saw, there must be different options. This model features various bevel options and multiple stops on both the miter and bevel plates. It also helps you to cut large pieces of objects at unique angles.

Talking about the miter plates, they have 11 positive stops with a range of almost 0 to 50 degrees. Bevel can easily be adjusted from 0 degrees to up to 48 degrees. This miter saw can easily frame through lumbar without any difficulty.

You can bevel 48 degrees over the left and almost 3 degrees on the right. In bevel plates, the steel stops at 0, 33.9,48 degrees for more versatility.  The high fences provide support to the carpenter while working and creating crown moldings.

Ease of use Features

DEWALT DW715 is incredibly easy to use with its innovative features and excellent properties that make it a must to buy options. Here we will enlist some ease of use features this saw comes with

Quick Speed

It is a great option for those workers who want to cover more projects in less time, with a maximum speed of almost 3800 revolutions per minute that is high enough to cut hard materials effortlessly. This means that the blade comes with an ability to spin 3800 times in a minute.

If you are out for looking a saw to use for professional projects, nothing can be better than DEWALT DW715 as it enabled you to complete the work quickly as compared to the saws at a lower speed.

Clean and Efficient

The saw is incredibly efficient to work with. The included dust bag won’t create a chaotic environment in the workplace. However, you have to clean up some debris, but the dust bag does most of the work. It will collect the debris and dust while using the saw, thus making the work more accurate.

Easy to Operate

Tools are only effective when you have a profound knowledge of operating them in the right way. Even if you are a professional, you must opt for choosing a tool that is easy to operate as this will save time.

For beginners, it’s crucial to choose a tool that is comfortable to use and will make cutting more reliable and natural. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, buying DEWALT DW715 won’t frustrate you.

Who it’s good for?

If you are looking for a miter, saw that could easily cut through any wood, whether it is a bevel cut or a perpendicular cut, this saw is an ideal all-rounder. With its handy features, it is a sound investment for the worker.

We truly recommend this saw both to the beginners and expert as it is highly intuitive and straightforward.

Who it’s not good for?

This miter saw is indeed highly versatile and cost-effective, but still, it’s not for everyone. If you want to do carpentry or interested in installing a cabinet, then this saw is not a worthy option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Dewalt DW715 and DWS715?

Both the DEWALT dw715 and the dws715 are versatile saws launched by DEWALT with some amazing features. DEWALT dw715 miter saw with a dust bag, carbide blade and a blade wrench that makes it ranked as the best miter saw. Whereas Dewalt dws715 comes vertical clamp and comfortable handles are making it a top-choice of woodworkers.

Is Dewalt DWS779 discontinued?

You have geared right the DEWALT dws779 is discontinued and is selling at a much reduced price. The DEWALT dws780 replaced it because it was an advanced version with some additional amazing features. Dws779 doesn’t have an XPS light when comparing to dws780, and it is discontinued.

Who makes the most accurate miter saw?

DEWALT is known for making the most accurate miter saw in the market. Its DW715 model is a top-notched best miter saw and workers’ priority when purchasing a saw. It keeps a balance between cost and quality that makes it more user-friendly.


It is challenging to find the right saw when there is a stack of brands available in the market. However, we have made it easier for you. DEWALT DW715 miter saw is a decent designed saw with multiple features and a few drawbacks.

With its offered price range, it leaves behind many of its competitors in its characteristics. It features high-quality built-in features with three years of warranty, making it a must-to-buy option. It is a superior designed saw that is highly versatile and convenient to meet customers’ needs.

After reading this detailed DEWALT DW715 review, you will know everything about DEWALT DW715 and will be able to make the right decision for you.