Milwaukee 6955-20 Review: Sliding Miter Saw

The Milawukee 6955-20 12-inch sliding miter saw is a heavy-duty, no-compromises machine with with some serious power behind it. This review will explore its virtues, drawbacks and unique quirks. This is far from the cheapest tool on the market, but we think the feature set more than justifies the price.

We’ll also discuss our general tips and tricks for buying miter saws to help you find the right tool for the jobsite.

Milwaukee 6955-20 Review

In short, this is a powerful, no-nonsense sliding compound miter saw with a fantastic digital miter system. It’s less portable than other options, but more than makes up for its bulkiness with a 5-year warranty, powerful motor and super-durable construction. This thing is a force to be reckoned with.

Milwaukee 6955-20 12' Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw

The Specs

The basic specs won’t give you a complete picture, but we’ll outline them here before discussing the rest. We recommend reading the rest of the miter saw review to get the details.

  • Motor: 15-amp
  • RPM: 3200 (with Milwaukee “Constant Power Technology”)
  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • Left miter angle: 55°
  • Right miter angle: 60°
  • Blade: 12 inches


This tool is built to last. It should stand up well to even the toughest of tasks and is unlikely to slow down on you any time soon. The carbide tipped blade is designed to stay sharper for longer. Even with regular, heavy-duty cutting this thing should hold up well.

Milwaukee’s 5-year warranty adds some nice peace of mind to an already tough miter saw.

Performance and Cut Quality

If you’re looking for the quick-and-dirty summary: this 12-inch sliding dual bevel miter saw provides consistently accurate cuts with a reliably high level of performance. Milwaukee have pushed the boat out with this saw.

The blade mount and sliding arm are remarkably steady even when fully extended; there’s barely any unwanted play, and cuts are predictable and accurate. The arm is mounted on smooth ball bearings which, as you might expect, makes for a long-lasting, durable design that won’t let you down.

In fact with a miter saw as smooth as this one, it’s very important to keep an eye out, as the blade can sneak towards you if you’re not careful! A level setup is always a must, but it’s especially vital with this Milwaukee saw.

Milwaukee boasts that this tool’s “Constant Power Technology” maintains a steady 3200 RPM whether it’s under load or spinning freely. Consistency is key when it comes to decent cutting, and this goes a long way in keeping things predictable. It’s a joy to make cuts with this miter saw. Cuts will be accurate and smooth no matter what you throw at it.

Bevel adjustments are a breath of fresh air too. The adjustment mechanism is one of the easiest to use that we’ve encountered and can be accessed without having to move round the side of the miter saw. The weight of the arm was never an issue when making adjustments; Milwaukee has done a great job of balancing the 6955 20 12-inch.


There’s a fantastic handful of features on the Milwaukee6955 20 12-inch that dramatically improve your chances of getting the cuts you want first time. The consistent power, design and feature set make it refreshingly easy to work effectively.

Digital Miter System

The digital miter system on the Milwaukee 6955 20 12-inch comes in the form of a digital readout LCD that gives hyper-accurate values for your cuts. A fine adjust ring is pushed forwards once you’ve lifted the detent lever to start the system. Rotating the ring will adjust the bevel in 0.1° increments.

We weren’t convinced when we first read about the feature and saw the fine adjust ring, but this level of precision can be a godsend in certain contexts. It’s also surprisingly speedy when making angle changes.

Clear Blade Guard

This sounds like a small thing, but once you’ve worked with a clear blade guard, you’ll find it hard to go back. You can see right through the guard when making cuts with your tool, meaning you don’t have to constantly lift it to check that things are right.

Other Features

The Milwaukee 6955 29 12-inch miter saw is packed with a slew of features that make it a joy to use. An oft-overlooked aspect of working with a miter saw is how comfortable it is to use long term. Excessive dust, poor ergonomics or a bad design can quickly make you sick of your tool.

Exhaust System

Dust collection is well-considered by the exhaust system on the Milwaukee 6955 20 12-inch. The sawdust and other particulates created when working are ejected effectively. Milwaukee claims that the included dust bag attachment rounds up 75% of all the sawdust you create. It appears they’re taking dust collection seriously this time around.

The real-world figure is probably a touch lower, but it certainly makes for a much clearer work environment. Accuracy, durability and safety are all significantly affected by dust and debris when using a miter saw, so a tool that tackles the dust issue head on gets a big thumbs up from us.

If you need a better dust collection setup, an additional mount for a shop vac can be bought from Milwaukee for an additional fee.

Dual Blade Lights

Two things you definitely don’t want when working with a miter saw are dim lighting conditions or blade shadows. The dual light setup on both sides of the blade on the Milwaukee 6955 keeps your cutting space brightly lit and shadow-free.

Using LEDs over a laser-guided solution is a matter of taste, but we love the approach that Milwaukee has used here. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever have to replace the LEDs in this machine.

Parallel Mounting

The powerful motor on the Milwaukee 6955 is mounted parallel to the blade. This should make issues like start-up torque a thing of the past. Design considerations like this make this a sliding dual bevel miter saw that’s well worth your consideration.


  • Doesn’t jump when starting up
  • Super bright, shadow-free LEDs
  • Crazy durable
  • Surprisingly useful digital miter system
  • A feature set that justifies the price


As you may have noticed while reading through this Milwaukee 6955 20 review, our opinion is overwhelmingly positive. There are a few complaints worth mentioning though:

  • Not great for portability
  • The smooth arm comes with a slight learning curve

Miter Saws – Our Buying Tips

If you’re in the market for a new miter saw, there are a number of things to consider. These power tools come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s worth getting to grips with the basics before spending your money. Check out our more in-depth guide to miter saws on this site.

If you’re a complete novice, it’s best to stick with models from either Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita or Bosch. These four consistently deliver a high level of performance and durability that will be especially welcome for newbies. The best tool for the job will be the one that fits your requirements.

It’s worth closely considering what you actually need your tool to achieve, this will help you find the right saw for the job. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kinds of material am I likely to be working with? Mostly softwood? Or tougher hardwoods or even metal?
  • How large are my workpieces likely to be? This will help you determine if you need a compound saw, a sliding saw, or something else altogether.
  • How detailed and intricate do I need my work to be? Do I need each cut to be smooth, precise and perfect, or do I need to quickly cut through large quantities of wood?
  • Do I need to move between multiple locations, or will working in one spot be fine?

The answers to these questions will help you find the best tool for the job. Read our full guide for more insight into which saw is right for your needs.



Dewalt has got some serious competition here. The Milwaukee 6955 20 12-inch sliding dual bevel miter saw is a phenomenal tool with excellent levels of accuracy, power and durability. If you can stomach the price tag and weight, Milwaukee will do you proud with this saw.

There’s tonnes to appreciate here for beginners and seasoned pros alike. If you’re after a tool to use in one particular job site with minimal moving around, we definitely recommend considering the 6955 20.

Check out the rest of our site for more reviews and tips!

Milwaukee 6955-20 12" Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw
  • Miter angle fine adjust with detent override makes it simple to dial-in precise miter angles
  • Miter angle digital readout provides repeatable accuracy to 0.1 degree
  • Dual integral job-site lights fully illuminate the work piece and cut line from either side of the blade
  • 15-amp, 3.3 max hp direct-drive motor provides increased power for high-performance cutting in hard lumber
  • Integral dust channel captures 75 percent of all dust and debris